AAFFG 006 Fly Fishing Pennsylvania With Eric Stroup…Part One



This week I welcome Central Pennsylvania’s Eric Stroup for an interview.

Tracey & Eric Stroup

Tracey & Eric Stroup

Eric is a fly fishing guide, writer, fly tier, and retail shop owner from Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania. Eric and his wife Tracey own and operate Stroup Fly Fishing, and they never miss a chance to promote the great sport of fly fishing and to help preserve the shared resources we need now and for generations to come.

Eric is now, or has been a commercial fly tier, a fly fishing guide, a fly shop owner, writer, national speaker, regional coordinator for Project Healing Waters and a coach for the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team Eric’s first book was Common Sense Fly Fishing: 7 Simple Lessons To Catch More Trout. His newest book is called River Pimp about the overall state of the fly fishing industry.

In Part One

We talk about fly fishing in Central Pennsylvania. Eric grew up on the Little Juniata River and that is where he guides exclusively (almost). Casting, setting up a drift, reading the water, we talk about it all. Eric says over and over to observe what is going on in the river. He tells us to always, always, always, call the guide and tell them what you want to do on the water. Eric shares two great tips on how to eliminate the whole invasive species problem on your boots and you probably have the fix right in your kitchen. We talk in detail about what gear to bring with you (or get it from Eric) when you fish in Pennsylvania. Don’t forget your rain gear!

Fly Casting…

Eric gives us some tips on fly casting and surprised me about his views on mending. He also solved a casting problem for me about your rod tip at the end of the forward cast.

Fly fishing  on the river

Fly fishing on the Little Juniata River, PA

In Part Two

We start out talking about flies in the “Where To Go and What To Throw” section of the interview. Eric says that he is a minimalist fly fisher and he is mainly a drifting nymph fisher. There seems to be a lot of fly fishers that are devoted nymph fishers. Presentation prevails over size and color when nymphing according to Eric. Eric gives us his spin on the very popular “Guide Sayings” list that I have gathered. It amazes me how I can ask the same question and each guide give a similar yet different answer.

Fly Fishing Flies… 

Eric says he really doesn’t have favorite patterns for each season. He says it all depends on what the river tells him. During each season fish some bugs that become more prevalent, match sizes with the above to fit the stage of year.

Eric’s Standard Mix of Fly Fishing Flies:

  • Pheasant Tail Nymphs
  • Hare’s Ear Nymphs
  • Caddis Larva (all colors){tan-olive-gray-brown-green}
  • Walt’s Worm (crane fly larva)
  • J-Bug (generic bi-color nymph of Pheasant tail and assorted dubbing colors) Olive-amber-green-brown
  • Sulphur Nymph

    fly fishingguide Eric Stroup

    Fly Fishing Guide Eric Stroup


  • Midge Larva (Zebra Midges of all colors)
  • Small buggers fished slow
  • Egg patterns
  • Small olive nymphs
  • (the above in sizes 16-22)


  • Grannom Caddis
  • Blue Winged Olives BWO
  • Sulphurs
  • March Browns
  • Cahills
  • Tan Caddis
  • Blue Quills
  • Hendricksons
  • Green Drakes
  • Cornuta’s
  • (Fish the dry as well as the sub-surface patterns to all of these hatches in sizes 10 to 16 when relevent. It really depends on what’s happening in the water like the hatch patterns)


  • Beetles
  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Trico’s
  • Blue Quills
  • Caddis
  • (the above in sizes 16-18 plus terrestrials)


  • Blue Winged Olives BWO
  • Slate Drakes
  • Trico’s
  • Blue Duns
  • Caddis
  • October Caddis
  • Ants
  • (the above in all sizes depending on water levels and fall hatches)

In the Feature section we talk about how to make the perfect drift. On this interview we will talk about “Achieving the Perfect Drift” I learn to not fish so much water per drift for better results. Also, my next rod will be a 10 foot 4 weight nymphing rod, for sure.

Eric talks about his book, Eric’s first book was Common Sense Fly Fishing: 7 Simple Lessons To Catch More Trout and how he just put down on paper the things he has been telling his fly fishing clients everyday on the water.

Fly Fishing Guide Eric Stroup

That’s a good looking brown trout!

His newest book is called River Pimp about the overall future of the fly fishing industry and how imported flies have changed things.

We finish up by Eric telling us a great guide tip and a fly fishing guide story about how it is OK to continue fly fishing even after the ambulance leaves!

Tight Lines!

David Darling

Call Eric at:

814-632-6129 office

814-505-4568 cell

Email: eric@ericstroupflyfishing.com

Eric’s Fly Fishing Website: EricStroupFlyFishing.com

For a place to stay go to The Inn At Edgewater Acres

Music provided by JewelBeat.com


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