Traditional Tenkara Fly Fishing

An efficient, tight line fly fishing technique utilizing rod, fixed line, and single fly developed on the mountain streams of Japan.

It’s 66 degrees in the mist covered mountains of a far away land of ancient traditions and mystery. A lone man wades upstream in crystal clear high mountain water with tenkara rod in hand.What is traditional Tenkara?

A lone man wades upstream in crystal clear high mountain water with tenkara rod in hand. He methodically scans the stream, moving with expert stealth, stalking his elusive goal.

There it is, a small eddy of water below a beach ball sized boulder in the center of the fast moving stream. He crouches low, kneeling in the cool water, and casts his fly with the precision of a modern sniper.

BAM! The strike is hard and fast as the trout devours the fly. Success at last.

Fly Fishing Basics- Recognizing Feeding Signs | Ask A Fly Fishing Guide

As you have worked to develop your fly fishing skills you have learned a great many things. Some of these fly fishing basics include proper casting techniques, choosing the right fly, working on your presentation of that fly and reading the water for suitable fish habitats.

One of the most basic skills a fly fisherman must develop in order to be consistently successful is the ability to recognize fish feeding signs.

Your odds of catching fish will drastically improve if you locate fish that are feeding. The reason behind this is simple- feeding fish are more likely to attempt to eat your artificial fly!  Not only do you have to be able to recognize when fish are feeding, you also must learn to distinguish where in the water they are feeding and what specifically they are eating.

Let’s say that you can see movement on the surface of the stream, which tells you that the trout are actively feeding. You throw on a floating fly and present it perfectly to them, but they fail to take it. Why would the fish continue eating all around your fly but avoid taking it? The probable answer is because you are not recognizing where and what they are targeting. These skills are definitely fly fishing basics that you should take the time to learn!

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